Finding Joy in Christ

February 9, 2024

By Dave Jenkins

Paul’s answer to anxiety in his writings is not to offer a band-aid solution of coping mechanisms, but to reveal misplaced trust. Anxiety uncovers our fears and desperations. There is something we are terrified to lose, or something that we refuse to let go. And yet that “something” cannot bear the load that we attach to it. Even the good things of our lives, such as love, family, knowledge, and success, cannot last through thick and thin, because we are finite creatures, and God is infinite. He knows our needs and knows we need Him at all times.

Only those who trust in Christ can face every threat and every situation with hope and joy. This is because only those who belong to the Lord know that nothing in our world can take us from our Lord. As Paul says in Romans 8:35–39, absolutely nothing can “separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.” By refocusing on the Lord, treasuring Him, and with His grace as your life’s foundation, you can find joy in Christ. You will also find genuine biblical gentleness through abiding in Jesus, enabling you to combat worry through praying with gratitude, focusing on the character of Christ, and growing in the grace of God. 

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