Navigating the Changes of Life

February 9, 2023

Words from Jesus

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I can’t promise you that the way ahead of you will be simple or trouble-free. It won’t be. But if you allow the problems and difficulties to draw you to Me, they will help to strengthen you in the long run and to grow your faith.

Always remember, I have a plan for your life and for the world and for the flow of history, and you don’t have to worry about My will and My Word being fulfilled. It will be fulfilled, I assure you.

Faith is trusting Me for the future, even when you can’t see it clearly—especially when you can’t see it clearly! So have faith. You truly are in My hands. You can trust Me in life and you can trust Me in death, for you are Mine forever. Nothing can pluck you out of My hand.

Commit all your concerns to Me, and then be faithful to pray fervently. Study and apply My Word. Love your neighbor as yourself. Love Me with all your heart and soul and might. Then rest in My care for you.

The inevitability of change

Change is an important and inevitable part of life. It is not necessarily that the way things were before wasn’t good or didn’t serve their purpose. But the future calls for new ways of operating, new avenues of growth, and new methods for effectively reaching the world.

When you look at world history, you can see how much some things have changed and improved over time. When I bring about changes, it might seem a little unsettling at first as you find your footing, but if you have Me as your foundation, you can rest assured that you won’t fall or falter. Though your knees may shake, nothing can shake My foundation, for it is solid and sure and forever.

I love you and I am going to bring you through every time of change you face in life. I allow changes in your life to serve My good purposes, and for the furtherance of your mission of doing your part to reach the world for Me. Though you see through a glass darkly now and are wondering how things will play out, how they will all add up, in time you will see the results. Even though things may look a little chaotic for a while, trust that I am with you through every life change you face.

Times of change can be uncomfortable and even times of trials and hardship. Adjusting to something new and different takes changing your mindset, your routines, and putting your trust in Me for the unknown factors in the equation. Remember that I do all things well, and trust that I will lead you in the right direction as you are faithful to follow Me. I love you and I will bring you ever forward in your journey toward what I have in store for you!

Faith: The victory that overcomes

While it is important to plan for the future, you don’t have to worry about the future. I have a plan for each of My children, and I ask you to trust Me for that. I know that at times you’ve had feelings of unease and worry about what the future will be like and whether you’ll be happy. I know that at times you feel like you’re just a little cog in the machinery of My plan and that you don’t have as much faith as you should in My care for you.

Even if it looks like your ship is anything but seaworthy, will you still trust Me? Will you still place your hand in Mine and follow where I’m leading? Times of change are and will continue to be a test of faith for you, but as you cling to Me, you will come through these times of uncertainty stronger and better able to face what is ahead. You will emerge victorious.

I ask that you trust Me and thank Me for this opportunity to stretch your faith and watch it grow. The future is as bright as My promises, so continue to dwell in praise. Voice positive, faith-filled words; put your faith and trust in Me into words and praises each day. Keep the big-picture, heavenly vision and My perspective in your heart and mind. This is the victory that will overcome: your faith (1 John 5:4).

My love is the ballast for the journey

Living your life for Me and for others is the best way to spend your life, and I have promised to repay every sacrifice you make. Even though you may not see or feel as if you’ve reaped many benefits, you will see them eventually. Don’t allow your fears or your feelings of unworthiness to interfere with your ability to just rest in My love for you.

If you look at all that you’ve experienced in life so far, you can see My hand at work throughout your life. I know you are tempted to worry about the unknown factors in your future. What if something happens that totally turns your world upside down and leaves you reeling and unprepared? This is why bringing all your concerns to Me is so important.

You have to continue to anchor your faith firmly to Me and My Word, so that no matter what comes your way, your faith will stabilize you. Remember that I have a plan and a future for your life. Just because you question My plan for you, or you worry about how things will work out five years from now, doesn’t mean that you’re not trusting Me for your future. It’s like having dying grace; you don’t need it now because you’re not dying yet. What you need right now, and every day, is to commit all your burdens and concerns to Me, knowing that I care for you and for every aspect of your life.

Remember that My love for you is the ballast that you need to keep you through whatever changes come throughout your life. That will be the focal point that will keep you from becoming dizzy when you’re swirled around by My currents of change. Just believe in Me and keep your eyes focused on Me.

My faithful friend

Always remember that I love and care for you and always will. You have been a faithful friend and I have appreciated every day you have committed to Me in service, and every future hour and day you continue to give. I know your heart, and I see your desire to serve Me.

I ask you to trust Me through every life change you face. I know that during this time of change, it can feel like the best years of your life have come to pass as you deal with moving into a different stage of life. But remember that I am with you every day and every step of your life journey. You will one day see and appreciate how I have continued to work through your life.

The future for you, My friend, is a glorious one no matter what storms and trials you face in this life. You will find lasting joy in staying the course to the end of your days. I am faithful, and even as you grow older, I will remain faithful, and I will always provide for you.

Not a day will go by without Me being faithful to the promise I have made to never leave nor forsake you. I love you, and My love is never-ending and will carry you through all your days and into the next life.

Originally published in 2009. Adapted and republished February 2023. Read by John Laurence. Music by Michael Dooley.

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