Better to Have a Burden

February 1, 2023

By Scott Hubbard

Once, the young Jacob ran, fleet-footed, wherever he wanted. Later, he walked with a limp.

Once, David led Israel’s armies without rival. Later, he fled through the wilderness, surrounded by enemies.

Once, Paul traveled and preached with a thornless side. Later, he prayed, pricked and bent, for a mercy that would not come.

Many of us likewise may remember a once when life and ministry felt smoother. Back then, we were more productive, less hindered. Our body didn’t trouble us so much. We faced fewer criticisms. A relationship had not yet ruptured. But we move slower these days, our backs more bent. Limping. Surrounded. Thorned.

How tempting to imagine how fruitful we might be without such burdens. Wouldn’t we be better parents, leaders, workers, Christians if we could run faster? Wouldn’t we do more good for God’s kingdom? 

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