Short Answers to Big Questions

February 12, 2021

By Andy Bannister

The following Short Answers to Big Questions are part of a series produced to provide short Christian responses to the big questions people raise, demonstrating that hope in hard times can only be found in the Christian faith. 

How can I know the presence of God in dark times?

All of us will face suffering at some point in our lives; all of us will go through difficult times. In this Short Answers video, Dr. Andy Bannister shows how Christianity offers the most powerful resources not so much to answer the question of suffering (we have covered that in other films), but for living through and coping with suffering. Whether you’re experiencing suffering yourself or seeking to help somebody who is, Andy shows why the hope, peace, and comfort that Jesus offers can be life-transforming.

Run time for this video is 5:05 minutes.


Why is there suffering?

Why is there suffering? When pain, suffering, grief, and loss happen, all of us—whatever we believe (or don’t believe)—are forced to ask some tough questions. Andy Bannister addresses what the message of Jesus has to say about pain and suffering—and shows that unlike atheism, only Christianity can offer real hope, real answers, and real meaning when suffering strikes.

Run time for this video is 5:52 minutes. 


Can we find hope in life without God?

We live in a world where hope seems in short supply. The Coronavirus pandemic has revealed that so many of the things we placed our hope in (career, health, or our comfortable lifestyles) can let us down. Can we find a hope that carries us through difficult times? In this very personal Short Answers video, Andy Bannister shows why, if there were no God, then there would be, tragically, no hope to be found—but that if the claims of Jesus stand up, there is a hope to be found concrete enough to support us even through turbulent times. 

Run time for this video is 4:40 minutes.

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