Strength and Anointing for the Day

May 11, 2020

Words from Jesus

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I want to infuse you with My love that covers all sins, that gives even when it doesn’t feel like it, that smiles through the tears, and continues to care and give. How can you go through each day with My love pouring out of your heart, soul, mind, eyes, hands and mouth? My Word will sustain you and My Spirit will work through you, as you commit your life and your very self to Me.

As the dew in the morning indicates the freshness of a new day, a clean start, so is My love for you. It is renewed daily, continually. I love to caress your spirit with soothing freshness. So come‚ pause with Me before entering the day while all is still fresh. Let Me gently ease you into the busy day ahead as I anoint you with the power of My love and the strength of My Spirit.

As you start the engine of your soul, let Me rev you up and get your motor going! Busy days, big plans, much to accomplish—but all will be well with you if you acknowledge Me in all your ways and allow me to direct your path. I’ll perfect that which concerns you, and help you at the end of the day to look back with satisfaction on the progress made and the lessons learned.

I’ve made you a special instrument in My hand to fulfill My unique purpose for your life. Let Me wield you, My instrument, this way and that way, to accomplish the tasks I have anointed you to do for My kingdom.

You are Mine and I am yours. I am with you always by your side, as you walk through the path of life today. As each question or call or problem or challenge tumbles your way‚ let Me help you sort things out and guide your decisions. As you pause and pray, I’ll inspire you and lead and guide your thoughts.

Our love is forever. It’s as simple as that. No questions, no wonderings, I simply love you forever!


Today is the day to love, to give, to take action. Tomorrow is not within your realm of view, so don’t worry about it or give any anxious thought to it. Approach each day as a time to practice the art of taking one day at a time. I’ve given you the strength, wisdom‚ and nurturing you need for today, and today is all you have at this moment.

I’ll give you the equivalent of your needs tomorrow, and more, all because of My love for you. So trust in Me and don’t let your heart be troubled or anxious about the future. Just take life one day at a time, one hour at a time, one task at a time, one challenge at a time, and I’ll pour down My stamina and anointing for that one time, each time, without fail. I will be your strength and inspiration.

Today is a blank sheet of paper. I’ll trace the lines, and you color them in, My love, with warm colors of red‚ orange, yellow, and then with soothing colors of blue, green, and turquoise. Be sure to stay inside the lines I’ve drawn, and you will see the beautiful picture that is formed.

This is a day which I have made for you‚ so rejoice and be glad in it! My joy is your strength.

Strength for the weary

Look to Me when you’re tired and weary, and you feel overwhelmed with the daily challenges of life. When you feel that all you want is a time of rest, I can give you a boost that will empower you to keep going. I know that the strain on your body and mind can be hard at times, and you wish that the pace of life would just slow down. When the load feels too heavy, trust that I can give you the strength that you need. I am always with you to help you. Just take a few moments to cast all your cares on Me and receive My strength for you, and you’ll be able to carry on.

I’ve seen the hours that you put in, and I know that you’re tired. I’ve seen all the work that you’ve done. I see how you’re feeling pretty drained and spent. You woke up this morning and felt like you could barely get out of bed. You didn’t know if you could even work up the courage to put a smile on your face. But you did it. You took it one step at a time. You got out of bed and you made the choice to give this day your best shot. I’m proud of you, and I’ll help you make it.

Carrying a heavy load isn’t easy. I know what it’s like. I had My difficult moments and had to make sacrifices when I was caring for My disciples. It was My love for them that compelled Me to carry on, even when I was spent and tired to the bone. So let this be your motivating force: your love for Me, your love for others‚ and your love for My lost sheep.

I want to assure you that there’s nothing to fear, even though the tasks before you seem monumental. I will accomplish all that I want to through you as you cast your every care on Me and put your hand in Mine. And when you find that there’s something you can’t get around to that you thought you had to, trust Me. Place that burden in My care and watch Me take it from you and care for it with ease.

No matter what the circumstances are, I’ll be there to help and lead and guide you. I will always give you My attention no matter what time it is, day or night. Come into My presence and let Me lift you through each moment and give you the perfect peace that comes from trusting in Me.

Giving to others

Embrace new opportunities to give. The giving muscle easily grows flabby through lack of use. Try to find something to give every single day—whether a smile, a compliment, your time, a listening ear, a good meal, an item you don’t need, or a kind word. There is always something you can share or give to others.

Never be content with what you gave from your heart yesterday. Imagine each day as a fresh new opportunity to give as much as you can.

Even your simple acts of kindness and care will go a long way in helping to bring down My love and blessings in the lives of others. Reach out in the ways that you can and drop a little sunshine into the lives of those you come in contact with today. The love you give is not wasted. It’s not unnoticed. Every small deed and kind action makes a difference and is a part of letting your light shine so that others will be drawn to Me. Be My vessel of love and let Me work through you to share My love with those in need.

Pour out My love; give it freely to those around you. Give it in encouragement, in praise, in giving a helping hand wherever you can. Be My love to others. Take someone’s hand today and tell them how much you appreciate them. Let them know how special they are. Everyone is special to Me, and you can help them to experience My love.

Originally published June 2005. Adapted and republished May 2020.
Read by Simon Peterson. Music by Michael Dooley.

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