Just Because You Are

October 17, 2018

By Steve Hearts

There is no arguing with the fact that the Lord is truly an extravagant giver. He is often more willing to give than we are to receive. That said, I also think that being willing to receive is not an issue for a lot of us. Who would think twice before receiving increased blessings of healing, health, finances, job security, fruitful witnessing, and what have you?

In moments when blessings like these abound, it’s not difficult to find reason to praise and glorify the Lord. However, I recently listened to the song, “Just Because You Are,” by Phillip Sandifer:

Father of the world,
You are the life within me.
God of all creation
Living in my heart.
I will praise You, Lord,
Regardless of Your blessing.
For You are worthy of my praise, Lord,
Just because You are.

Just because You are,
Forever I will praise You.
Just because You are,
I will glorify Your name.
Just because You are,
I lay my life before You.
Father, I adore You,
Just because You are.

(To listen to the song, go to this link.)

I first heard this beautiful song when I was a teenager, and I loved it for its great vocals and musical arrangement. But just a few months ago, during a rough time in my life, when I was praying for a healing miracle and not seeing it, I felt the urge to hear this song again and tune in to the lyrics this time. How true they rang at that moment! No other words could have been more “fitly spoken” to my heart.1

I had been telling the Lord over and over that I would praise Him like never before if He would fulfill His promise to me. But while listening to the song, I heard Him say, “Why wait until then to praise Me? Why not praise Me now, just because I am?”

The Lord then gave me the following analogy. In a marriage, or a relationship, what woman is not grateful when her man physically manifests his love for her by buying her gifts, doing fun things with her, etc.? At the end of the day, if the relationship is genuine, those physical manifestations aren’t the main reason she loves him. She loves him for who he is. I understood that this is how my relationship with Jesus ought to be. While I should indeed believe Him when He promises to bless me and work miracles for me, the way Mary believed the angel who announced the promise of Jesus’ birth,2 I should also love, praise, and glorify Him without holding back, regardless of His blessing or of how long it takes before I see it. I ought to “bless the Lord at all times.”3

After all, Jesus loves me not because of what I give Him or do for Him. He loves me just as I am, just because I am. Why wouldn’t He seek to be loved by me in the same way? It’s definitely wonderful to receive gifts from above. But I was now being reminded to desire the giver above the gifts.

In sharing this, I’m not implying that I have given up on praying and hoping for the answer to my prayers. I am, however, interspersing those prayers of petition with plenty of praise prayers—letting Him know that I love, worship, and adore Him, not merely for what He gives me or does for me, but just because He is.

1 See Proverbs 25:11.

2 See Luke 1:38.

3 See Psalm 34:1.

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