When the Load Seems Heavy

October 4, 2018

Words from Jesus

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“If you are tired from carrying heavy burdens, come to me and I will give you rest. Take the yoke I give you. Put it on your shoulders and learn from me. I am gentle and humble, and you will find rest.This yoke is easy to bear, and this burden is light.”—Matthew 11:28–301

The feeling that you sometimes face, that you will buckle under the load or like you’re being pushed to the edge of your limits, can make you start to seriously wonder if you can make it. My promise to you is that you can, and you will. When you feel like you’re giving your all, doing all that you can, working with everything you’ve got, and things don’t seem to be working out, you can start to wonder if you’re in the center of My will or if you missed a turn somewhere. The fact is that life can be tough. It’s hard work. It’s sometimes grueling and fatiguing, but I will care for everything that you commit to Me.

When the load seems too heavy to bear, remember that I’m the fire in your heart, and it’s one that will never go out as long as you continue to trust in Me. You might think the fire is dimming, but the fire of My Spirit is strong, indestructible, and undefeatable. You just have to put your faith in My Word—the truth. You already know that you can’t do it all in your own strength, that you don’t have all the strength, wisdom, and understanding needed for your responsibilities from your own reserves. But when you come to the end of your own strength and ability, you find My strength and grace is sufficient for you.

No matter how tough the challenges you face, I will supply all that you need, and I will give you the anointing you need for the tasks at hand. Put your full weight on Me and let Me help you bear the load. You might still feel the weight, but ultimately you won’t be carrying the load yourself as long as you keep casting your cares on Me. I will sustain you through any challenging circumstances, through any workload, through every responsibility. Just keep coming back to Me, the center of your strength and anointing.

So don’t fear or crumple under the weight of your responsibilities, but just keep reminding yourself that I will give you the strength to carry each one‚ and My Spirit will give you the anointing you need for every task, as long as you commit these to Me. I am your source of answers and strength. I am your forever fire of warmth. I am your eternal shelter, your guaranteed protection, and I will be with you today, tomorrow, and forever.

You never have to worry or fear that you can’t overcome whatever challenges you face, because you can and will through My power. I will make it through you and give you everything that is needed. Trust Me and trust My promises to you. You might not experience instantaneous victories and you may experience failure, but you will always overcome by faith and continue to make the progress needed to move forward and improve the situation.

Facing the challenges of changes

“I’ve commanded you to be strong and brave. Don’t ever be afraid or discouraged! I am the Lord your God, and I will be there to help you wherever you go.”—Joshua 1:92

Changes and moves can often result in a number of spiritual, physical, and emotional challenges that you have to face, as you leave one phase of life behind and enter a new one. Then there’s the challenge of establishing yourself once you have moved, of adjusting and adapting to your new situation. Once you come through the first phase—uprooting and straddling the emotional and physical hurdles along the way—there is the second phase of settling into your new situation, adjusting to new personalities‚ and getting into the groove of new responsibilities.

You may be tempted to feel disoriented, and maybe a little nervous‚ wondering how your new situation is going to pan out—or how you are going to pan out. You may find yourself in the learner’s seat, needing to learn the ropes, or the way things are done and the culture of your new situation, and this can make you feel a little uncomfortable. You may not have a point of reference to refer to and you may feel like you are once again back at square one in a new situation, needing to re-establish yourself.

There are so many emotions and feelings associated with the process of any kind of move or change. But My strength is equal to the task. My Spirit in you is equal to the challenge, and the gains you will experience will ultimately outweigh the loss. If I have shown you to make a change‚ to venture out in a new direction, then you can be sure that there is an important reason for it, and that somewhere along the line this change will bear good fruit in your life and that of others.

If I have shown you to make a change, you can be sure that I have weighed the cost in the balance, and found that the gains, and the fulfillment and contentment that you will find as a result of being in My will, far outweigh any of the losses. If I have shown you that it is time for this change, your previous situation may have run its course, and I am offering you a ticket to a new destination where you can continue to flourish.

Of course, there also are seasons of life when you need to stay put and build for the long term. But when I call you to make a life change, you can trust that I will bless you and guide you. If you’ve recently made a change to a new situation that has come at a great personal cost, and you are left questioning whether you made the right choice‚ know in your heart that if you are where you are because I led you there, then you can trust that you are in My will.

I am concerned about every single minute aspect of your life—from where you would live or work‚ with whom and for how long. I know the different personalities you will encounter along the way, each challenge, the lessons you will learn, and the strengthening and conditioning your spirit will undergo as a result. I am not haphazard in the way I lead your life. To the contrary‚ I know, I love, I care, and I work all things for your good in your life—even mistakes, wrong turns, or seeming failures. If you are where I want you to be, doing your best to walk in My will and Spirit, then know that there is fulfillment, peace, joy, and love in this place, for that is the fruit of being in My will.

Thank you for being willing to step out of your comfort zone, leaving the past behind in order to follow Me into your future. If you’re ever tempted to feel discouraged or lost, or if you’re struggling, just remember that the most trying places throughout your life have been times of growth and strengthening, and that your time on earth is but for a moment compared to eternity.

Originally published August 2007. Adapted and republished October 2018.
Read by Jerry Paladino. Music by Daniel Sozzi.

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