The Difference Between Natural Talents and Spiritual Gifts

July 6, 2018

By J. Warner Wallace

In this insightful post, J. Warner Wallace explains the difference between talents and gifts, what are their origins or source, and how the Lord uses both for His glory and our service for His kingdom:

Natural talents are those abilities inherited from one’s parents and nurtured in the context of one’s family. We all know people who are talented and come from a long line of family members who share the same talent. If one member of such a family does not possess this shared talent, they typically will say something like, “I didn’t get the (insert talent here) gene.” Natural talents are just that: “natural”! They can be attributed to the natural genetic material existing within all of us, passed down from generation to generation. Spiritual gifts, on the other hand, come directly from the Spirit of God; that’s why they are called “gifts” in the first place! The “Spirit works all these things, distributing to each one individually just as He wills.” Natural talents are imparted at our natural birth; spiritual gifts are given when we are born again. 

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