Send Me Where No One Wants to Go

February 16, 2018

Nightlight interview with Carole Ward

By Simon Peterson

On this latest edition of Nightlight I interview Carole Ward. She has just had a book published on Amazon about her dangerous missions to Northern Uganda and South Sudan, called Send Me Where No One Wants to Go

I interviewed Carole on the porch of my house near the beautiful Lake Victoria on the outskirts of Kampala. Just a few hundred miles away in South Sudan, the situation is so different, with horrible killings and different factions and tribes cruelly slaughtering each other, with millions of refugees fleeing over the border to find refuge in Uganda. Carole’s dramatic story shows what one woman can do when she dares to trust God even in the most incredibly dangerous and difficult circumstances. 

Don’t miss listening to this one! You will be so encouraged at the victories the Lord can bring, even in the most dark and desperate and seemingly hopeless of circumstances. It can encourage us also that in other parts of the world where there are great disasters and horrible wars, the Lord is also at work and great victories are being won and lives changed and thousands coming to the Lord, even though you will never hear about it in the mainstream news.

Run time for this audio is one hour. And here’s a link to Carole’s blog/site if interested.

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