God Wants to be Seen

May 26, 2017

By Dallas Willard

“God, who wants to be seen, waits for us to seek Him and pursue Him and desire Him to the point to where He alone is what we desire, and then it is safe for Him to fill our lives with His tangible presence. He does not overwhelm, He does not bully, He waits and He calls. And when that comes, then we see the wonderful vision of a person who is living with God present, visible, seeable, real, beyond anything in this world. Then the boat can go down. It doesn’t matter. Because we know we’re safe.”

Run time for the sermon is 37 minutes. It’s followed by an inspiring story that is 10 minutes long. The remainder of the video includes a book advertisement and question and answer, if you are interested, but that is not the main part of the video that we’re linking to. 

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