How I Follow His Footprints

October 8, 2014

By Debby Blettner

Each person’s footprints are unique, as are God’s footprints. Once recognized, they can take you to places you never dreamed of. If you are like me, you will love the journey with all of its excitement. You might be shocked by where He takes you. Hang on to Him as if your life depends on it and reach the summit, which is to die for!

The synchronicity of the universe is a popular topic: putting out your intention with the universe providing. For me, it is Jesus’ eyes seeing my need, with His hands outstretched supplying it. It is also His shoulder to cry on during the difficult parts of the journey and His arms to comfort me. It is His smile, ever present to encourage me, and His footprints for me to follow.

From 2007 to 2009 I was bedridden. I was diagnosed with an acute case of fibromyalgia and adrenal fatigue. I needed help—a lot of help. I needed a miracle. Dreams led the way for me; whispers of hope in my desperation to recover. Following His footsteps was my only hope.

Since 2005, my husband and I had been operating a food rescue at the local weekend markets. In 2009, while helping out at the markets, I met Jan. Jan introduced me to Tony, who operated conference rooms. While attending a conference at Tony’s, I met Elaine, who arranged to meet with me for coffee to exchange products. Her products were health supplements; mine were Aurora products. At our meeting in my home, I purchased her “five-star supplements” and she bought a book from me. I returned to my bed exhausted after she left.

After three days of taking these new supplements I had what I like to call a “resurrection.” I stood unaided, putting my walking stick aside. I felt energized. My pain vanished and I felt hunger. I believed it to be a miracle. I later learned from my health practitioner that I had been severely nutritionally depleted. The Lord sent supplements to help strengthen me. I often wonder, what if I had opted to stay home the night I met Elaine, a friend who understood my health plight? What if I hadn’t followed the footprints? I wonder how my life would be today.

February 2010 proved to be very exciting. My husband and I became entrepreneurial business owners with a health science company. By purchasing from our own virtual shop we received discounts and commissions. With my health improving, I began researching preventative health measures, basing my research on the advice of my health practitioner regarding these supplements. I was referred to a world of renowned doctors and health professionals, which led me to an abundant pool of literature, webinars, virtual conferences, virtual world summits, and books that I used my healing time to study. I was searching for the common denominator, the root cause, a solution and healing, as well as prevention of worse conditions. What did they all say? What did they all have in common? I closely followed both professionals and laypersons who researched for their own health conditions that were medically incurable, like mine.

The research revealed that healing came from emotional-spiritual connectivity, highlighting gut health, body, mind, and spirit. As an expert on my healing, I then felt led to write about all that I had discovered. This could in the future lead to authorship, speaking events, seminars, coaching, and marketing my book and supplements.

God’s ways are so different from man’s ways, His wonders to behold. In order to perform these duties I should be at the peak of good health—though, as of this moment, I am still far from that. While my head is filling with knowledge and my heart is pouring forth these words, the seeming fantasy of authorship, seminar leadership, Internet marketer, coach, and speaker are far from me—another lifetime, perhaps.

But what if He is calling me into these fields? What if I was healed completely? Or what if I was only healed enough to desperately follow His footsteps in my utter weakness and dependence on His every word, every footprint I begin to see appearing in the sand before me? Could this be His way? I have yet to find out, but there is precedence for this. All throughout history the weak were chosen to accomplish His tasks, for they know who is the one bringing about the results. It is much easier to give God the glory when you can hardly speak, when you have difficulty standing for any period of time, when your body is racked with unending pain, and when your thoughts are fog.

When He fills me with His presence and I surrender, I know who is performing tasks through me, a yielded vessel only desiring His highest will. There is no question of who is performing the task. The only question could be how. This is part of the miracle, the amazing grace, the sheer joy and splendor of surrender to He who loves us all more than is imaginable. Such is the importance of His footprints, which I determine to follow. “Ye shall hear a voice behind thee, saying, This is the way, walk ye in it.”1

In reality, I have already been a published writer; I have coached, spoken, led a seminar, and sold products via the Internet. All I need to do now is follow His footsteps into my future, which might contain more emphasis on these talents and gifts I have been bequeathed.

“Your health, your life, your way,” is the slogan of our health science company. As an associate of this company, equipped with the talents I have gained as a veteran missionary, teacher, educator, parent, and wife, I wonder if I am in line for an opportunity to develop these skills further. I am still watching out for the footprints.

What do you have a passion for that can help others? It will probably be something pertinent in your life, as mine was with health. All paths lead to it; it calls you, it frustrates you, and you have to find the answer. You find yourself researching it, and information flows to you from every direction on that topic. The fragmented pieces begin to join the dots and form a picture. You feel compelled to talk about it, write about it, share it with the individuals that come to you for your information, and in turn spread the word. You become a trusted source and people know you are honest, reputable, and trustworthy. They might even want to hear about your Savior because of your testimony of assistance, always being there for them, even if you never mention a word about your faith until their trust in you is born.

It is an amazing path to follow—and yes, it was unexpected—but I am so glad I have followed this far and am excited to peek a little bit further into my future to see where He is leading, grasping His hand like a little child with her father. But I know it will be thrilling and that I will have all that I need as I follow in His footprints. I encourage you to do the same. What is calling you?

1 Isaiah 30:21.

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